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High Efficiency Vibrating Sieve

Date posted:2021-04-25Views:537

TQLZ Series High Efficiency Vibrating Sieve


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TQLZ Series High Efficiency Vibrating Sieve is mainly used for the cleaning and grading of raw materials in such industries: milling flour, processing fodder, milling rice, chemistry, processing food, extracting oil and etc. Many kinds of grainy stuff, such as, wheat, corn, rice and oil plants, can be cleaned through the sieves with different kinds of apertures. For example, when an aspirator is allocated, the impurity can be removed and the vibrating sieve will be in negative pressure condition without any dust spilling over.


high efficiency vibrating sieve-02.jpg

TQLZ Series High Efficiency Vibrating Sieve is mainly applied for cleaning cereal and removing the big, small and light impurities. With combining sieving selection and wind selection, it is a piece of ideal cleaning equipment


high efficiency vibrating sieve-03.jpg

TQLZ Series High Efficiency Vibrating Sieve is made up by sieve body, feeding apparatus, discharging bucket, driving gear, body frame and etc. 

high efficiency vibrating sieve-04.jpg

As for the ideal equipment, this machine possesses the characteristics of simple structure, small volume, light weight, stable operation, lower noise, lower energy consumption, good impermeability, convenient operation and maintenance and etc.

high efficiency vibrating sieve-06.jpg

Main technical parameters:

high efficiency vibrating sieve-07.jpg

The main types are TQLZ-60, TQLZ-80, TQLZ-100, TQLZ-125, TQLZ-150 and so on.

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