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Revolving Aspirator

Date posted:2021-04-25Views:248

TFXH Series Revolving Aspirator

revolving aspirator-01.jpg

TFXH Series Revolving Aspirator is mainly used for cereal cleaning craft, which circularly utilizes the wind to reduce the wastage of the equipment and remove the light impurities from the cereal. 

revolving aspirator-02.jpg

The biggest characteristics is that it is adopted the discharging structure with the axial pressure door from which the light impurities are discharged.

revolving aspirator-03.jpg

 It overcomes the stuck phenomenon of the screw conveyor when the light impurities are transported. Through applying the feeding mechanism of roller- sinusoidal type, this product settles the mechanical failure frequently occurring in the feed organization. And the employment of the big dust settling chamber strengthens the effect of dust setting.

Main technical parameters:


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