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Square plansifter

Date posted:2021-05-03Views:576

 square plansifter-01.jpg

  FSFG square plansifter is mainly applied in sifting and grading for system material during milling process in milling industry.

square plansifter-03.jpg


1. Plansifter framework uses automobile frames steel bending, welding, strong rigidity, and good fatigue resistance;

2. The sifter housing made of self-supporting steel construction is divided into 2 sifter sections and 1 drive section

3. Sieve door and the channel sealing strict, to ensure no powder fleeing and powder leakage;

4. With a total of 6/8 compartments with 24 to 28 stacked sieve frames. 

square plansifter-04.jpg

5. Wood frames with abrasion-resistant plastic lining and sieve trays with tin-plated sheet steel.

6. Interior of metal and plastic, door with quick locks for each sifter compartment

7. Built-in V-belt and motor and centrifugal eccentric load driven by roller bearings 

8. The completely enclosed structure is adopted for the machine with the drive motor inside it, and has attractive appearance.

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