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Wheat Bran Brusher

Date posted:2021-05-03Views:582

Horizontal Wheat Bran Brusher-01.jpg

After several milling processes by the flour mill, some flake-like and scobicular bran appears in which some endosperm is included. If the endosperm is scraped and peeled by the mill, the bran will be more disintegrated and small, the quality of flour will decrease and the power consumption will increase. However, if the brusher and the mill are combined to brush and scrub the bran, a fine craft can be obtained. 

Horizontal Wheat Bran Brusher-02.jpg


1. The upper stock sifted from the stock of each milling channel in the break system is used for striking the bran in the head and middle mill, reducing the load of the tail of the mill, which is beneficial to grind and sift.

2. The bran sifted from the final grinding stage is used for the break in the tail of the mill, processing the break in the final stage and the bran sifted from the tailing roll of the plansifter, separating the four particles stuck onto the bran, which can lower the flour content and improve the flour extraction. 

Specification of Bolting Cloth:

1. Coarse Bran (20 W, the oversized compost) with 38 W Low-carbon steel wire cloth or 40GG chinlon bolting cloth

2. Fine Bran (20 W, the undersized compost) with 40 W Low-carbon steel wire cloth 42GG chinlon bolting cloth

Main parameters:

Horizontal Wheat Bran Brusher-parameters.png

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